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Identity programme
A mobile news magazine with Denmark's best journalism for those who still want to read.

Identity and packaging design
The flour from Frydendal is "wrapped in dish towels": yellow, green, pink. Dish towels, which reminds us of a long Danish tradition of good homemade bread and cakes.

Program identities
While all the other stations spend summers in low gear playing reruns, Radio24syv kicks it into overdrive. We happen to think summer is the best time of the year for listening to talk radio.

Book cover
Claus Skytte has written Denmark's first book about shared economy.

Packaging design
A new series of gluten-free bread mixes for celiac disease sufferers.

This documentary-style film shows how government agencies try to cope with human mankind's first contact with alien life.

Program identitiy
Each program on Radio24syv has its own identity. Here is The Short News.

PR image: The Short News
Book design
Shortly after 9/11 and the birth of his first child, award-winning photographer Joachim Ladefoged stepped away from conflict reportage and spent a decade revisiting the homes he knew as a child in Denmark.

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A documentary about refugee life in two time periods: 1945 and 2015.

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